Listen to my music here. (chronological compositional order)


I started this site in 1997.  It was originally intended to be a distribution method for my music & in most ways it still is.  But with the advent of blogging, etc., it has changed shape over the years.


In the music section of the site, you can find mp3 versions of many of my compositions.  There are also scores available for many pieces in .pdf format. Other works use their own proprietary formats such as orc/sco files for CSound, Max patches for Max/MSP, .lisp files for Common Music, etc. My main interest in providing these raw materials is to let anyone that may be interested in using these software packages be able to see how someone else has used them.


You can find more stuff about me here. My mind is an odd place to visit (trust me, it’s an awfully odd place to live), so be forewarned of the weirdness that may be there.

Of course, my mind can be a terribly dull place to be as well.  So again, be forewarned of the boredom you might find.


more in-depth information and other works here

Quick Downloads of some of my music….

Selected Electronic Works

Je veux t’ embrasse


Charlie Foxtrot


The Black Room

Our Only Sure Reward


The Racial Divide

Moderate Stimulation


Selected Acoustic Works

Bound (Mvt. 3)

Cassandra Complex


You Begin

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