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This site started off very simply as a way to get my music out into the world.jesus buddha pose When you listen to the music here, you'll understand why I couldn't figure out a way to make a living doing it. So over the years it's gone through sundry and assorted forms.

You'll find my music, some things about some of the pieces I use for analysis in some of the classes I teach, and a little bit about me (maybe more than you want to know). There's a blog, too, but it's just nonsense for the most part. I suppose it's worth checking out for some light reading if you're interested in my day-to-day stuff....

The music you'll find here can be (and should be) difficult to listen to. There are a lot of very beautiful things about my music, but it can be extremely dissonant. I gave up on traditional rhythms years ago. A "beat" just doesn't matter to me much anymore.

What matters to me is the idea of pure sound. Sound for its own sake. I'm lucky that I have computers that can help me realize that. Even in my "art" music, the harmonies are not traditional at all. They're sort of "pandiatonic" in that almost any of the chords and harmonic structures could serve as a stopping point for the piece. It's a little disconcerting, but it's not that bad, really, once you listen a few times. I hope you will.

I take a lot of things for granted in the individual page explanations of each piece. I talk about inspriations and meanings to the music. None of which ultimately matter as much as the music itself. So don't think that you need to hear any of this in any particular way.

If you get lost, or if you don't know what I am talking about on a particular page, try reading about the piece earlier or later on the list on the music page here on the site. It still might not make sense, but it might help a bit. I tend to go through phases stylistically, so the pieces before and after the piece you're reading about might help explain what's going on.

whore of babylon

There's a picture of Jesus in a Buddha pose, a picture of Buddha wearing headphones, and an artist's rendition of the whore of babylon. I find all three of these images fascinating for various reasons that you might want to read about on the about pages of this site.

I put them here on the landing page because they really sum up where I am coming from as a person and perhaps as a musician.

The music here is free for non-commercial use. I can't imagine why anyone would want to steal this music to try to make money from it, but you're not allowed to do that. Do not post any of these pieces on a website. Please point a link back to this site.

And that's that. All you need to know to start your journey through audientmusic.