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tariqah was written while I was on a spiritual journey to find direct interaction with God.

I had been reading a lot about Sufism and Islam. Mostly Sufism. when i meet god and manjuun were both written around the same time spiritually for me.

The music here is really quite simple. I didn't have any MIDI triggering pedals, so I set up an old Yamaha DX-21 that I've had since high school. Definitely not a great synth. But I set up Logic to use it as a foot controller. I couldn't use individual keys since my foot is too big to hit just one note. I set up a fifth for each audio/synth sound I wanted to trigger. So the synth sounds are triggered by my foot while I play guitar.

I was reading mostly Sufi poetry. Learning from sources rather than from books about the subject. That's actually one of the fundamental tenents of Sufism. Why read about the Divine when the Divine is in the room?

If you read the when i meet god and manjuun pages, you'll get a little more of what I was going through. Trinity and I talked all night the night I was in Aptos (Monterrey). It struck me that I was reading books about beauty, but it was right in front of me the whole time.

Your Beauty, My Madness was a poem that spoke to me particularly. It's ostensibly about a man's relationship with a woman, but in actuality it's about "man's" relationship with God. I was more focused on a man's relationship with a woman when I was with Trinity. I used the Sufist way to my own ends.

I did that in the music as well. I pretty much stole the melody from Larry Carlton. Almost note for note. But it works.

Very simply, the Sufi path consists of three parts. Sharia which is often translated to mean "path" (though I think "action" is a better translation). Tariqah is typically translated as "path" as well, but here it's more of an "innter journey" toward the Divine. Haqiaqh is typically translated to mean something to the effect of knowledge or wisdom that comes from coimmuning with God.

This Wikipedia page explains the path(s) in Sufi Islam quite well. It was an interesting journey for me. I, of course, didn't follow Islam or even the Sufi way, but the inspiration and soul-searching was there.